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Which CSS framework is utilized for building the components
No CSS framework has been utilized in building the components; everything is crafted using vanilla CSS.
Do you offer support for hosting templates on a custom domain
No, at this point, we do not support hosting, but it is in our future plans.
Is any knowledge of HTML and CSS required
No technical knowledge is necessary for designing and building the templates.
Do we support CSS nesting
Yes, the exported code contains a folder named 'css' for classic CSS and 'css_nesting' for nested CSS. Simply rename the 'css' folder to 'css_classic' and 'css_nesting' to 'css'.
Can I modify the templates after export
Yes, the exported code can be easily modified to suit your needs
Can I utilize the exported code in any of my projects
The exported code can be used in numerous projects for either yourself or your clients, but it is not permissible to sell templates on any marketplace.